By  Alan M. Solomon, Ph.D.

Los Angeles County now requires proof of vaccination for most indoor venues: restaurants, grocery stores, exercise gyms, salons, large venues for entertainment including movie theaters, and  Dodger Stadium, Universal Studios, or Magic Mountain.  Other parts of the state have their own regulations and enforcement procedures.  Disneyland, however,  located in Orange County, does not require a vaccine credential.  Some 21 states, including Texas and Florida, have banned vaccine passports completely. 

The small white cards received from vaccinations are one way to verify vaccination status: COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Many people have taken cell phone photos of this card, to preserve a copy of it, as well as avoid the need to carry the less than durable card around with them.  Many employers however are encouraging their employees and customers to use a digital version of the card as a “vaccine passport” on a cell phone.  Many countries (such as Israel or the European Union) have been early adopters of this electronic version, as have some states, although some states have refused this option.  The digital version has a QR code, which is difficult to forge, and can be re-acquired if the original is lost.  California’s digital vaccine i.d. is available at www.vaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov .  Los Angeles County has a portal at www.publichealth.lacount.gov, which links to Healthvana.  (https://www.consumerreports.org/covid-19/how-to-prove-youre-vaccinated-for-covid-19-a5516357574/ )

The prompts are easy to follow and can be completed in a few minutes. The Healthvana option provides an immediate app on your cell phone, with a secure PIN number that you create. Other options include Epic Health Records MyChart, CVS, or Walmart, which have their own digital records.

If you are traveling outside California, check with your destination to see what the vaccination requirements are and what verification documents are needed.  This is essential for any international travel.  As the Kaiser Family Foundation advises, “…..there’s going to be an ongoing need for this for quite awhile as the pandemic is nowhere close to being done”, all the more true with the latest Omicron variant.

Alan  M. Solomon, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Torrance, CA.  A member of the Independent Psychotherapy Network, he can be reached at 310  539-2772 or dralanms@gmail.com  Telehealth sessions are available, as well as in-person sessions for fully vaccinated clients.

Copyright 2022 by  Alan M. Solomon, Ph.D.

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