During the COVID-19 pandemic, the therapists of the Independent Psychotherapy Network are offering telehealth sessions. Please check with each therapist for more information.
We Are The Psychotherapy Network
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the therapists of the Independent Psychotherapy Network are offering telehealth sessions. Please check with each therapist for more information.
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the therapists of the Independent Psychotherapy Network are offering telehealth sessions. Please check with each therapist for more information.
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The Independent Psychotherapy Network is a group of Los Angeles area psychotherapists dedicated to high quality and ethical practice. What makes us distinctive is that we have met once a month since 1994 to nurture our own growth as therapists, in continuing to learn how best to help others. You can click on any therapists’ names below to read more about us and our practices.  We look forward to serving you.

Anita Frankel Los Angeles Therapist
Anita Frankel, M.F.T.

Los Angeles, California
(323) 661-0297

I welcome artists working in and out of the mainstream; corporate execs resisting the limitations of their jobs; gays making good lives in the face of homophobia; parents coping with pressures on the family; intercultural couples struggling with identity and equality issues; and people of all persuasions striving for lasting intimate relationships. read more…

Jeffrey Lance, Ph.D.

Glendale/Pasadena, California

Dr. Lance has 34 years of experience in the field.  His graduate degrees are in counseling/marriage and family therapy, clinical psychology and general psychology.  He also has a degree in religion.  His major focus is in helping individuals and couples, improve communication, reduce anxiety and work through life-limiting blocks to greater happiness and fulfillment. read more…

therapists in los angeles, california - Dorothea McArthur
Dorothea McArthur, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, California
(323) 663-2340

As a Ph.D. Diplomate psychologist for over 30 years, I offer warm, deep dialogue about how protective behavior in the past can be changed positively to reach important goals with integrity.  I have specialties with artists, adoption, and understanding parents unable to validate and support.  I have been president of IPN for 23 years, encouraging consultations that enrich work with clients. read more…

Malcolm Miller, Ph.D.

West Los Angeles/Torrance, California
(310) 822-8898

As a seasoned therapist with adolescents and adults, I have seen that my collaborative relationship and keying into clients’ strengths, ambitions and barriers to progress have been most critical.  My specialties are premarital and marital counseling, stress reduction, and navigating life transitions.  Clients have expressed they appreciate my interpretations, caring and non-judgmental manner. read more…

Glenn Peters, Ph.D.

Encino/Glendale, California
(818) 475-2666

Dr. Peters has over 35 years of professional experience doing psychotherapy as a licensed Psychologist and a licensed M.F.C.T.  He specializes in working with adults, adolescents and couples.  He has a rich and diverse professional background that integrates modern psychodynamic therapy, with a number of novel, cutting-edge approaches such as Dynamic Emotion Focused Psychotherapy and EMDR. read more…

West Los Angeles Counselor and Therapist Sandy Plone
Sandy Plone, Ph.D.

West Los Angeles, California
(310) 979-7473

As a seasoned therapist, I offer deep caring and strict confidentiality, with services ranging from brief, supportive counseling to long-term intensive, depth psychotherapy. My specialties include (but are not limited to) cultural differences, trauma recovery (as an EMDR specialist), creativity, bereavement and spirituality issues – with individuals and couples of all ages. read more…

Sue Rice, Ph.D.

Arcadia, California
(626) 821-1848

Dr. Rice has been in private practice for over 20 years.  She also holds a Master of Science degree in Nursing with a specialty as a Maternal-Child Clinical Specialist and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  Her employment background includes working in Neonatal Intensive Care providing direct patient care, teaching, supervision and management.  read more…

Susan Harper Slate, Ph.D.

Santa Monica, California
(310) 582-0010

Psychotherapy is a confidential, creative and collaborative endeavor.  I am direct, kind, and active in the process. People come to therapy because they are feeling some discomfort or trauma.  I show you how to use your pain—to understand and alleviate it–so you can live a more full and authentic life. read more…

Alan Solomon Therapist in Long Beach
Alan Solomon, Ph.D.

Torrance, California
(310) 539-2772

Psychotherapy helps people who are stuck at some important junction in life.  Being stuck often manifests as depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, grief that is difficult to resolve, or work/school difficulties.  Therapy is custom-designed for each client to help an individual, couple, or family move through an impasse, with my caring support. read more…

Margaret Stoll, Ph.D.

Encino/Glendale, California
(310) 375-3607

Dr. Stoll provides psychological services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.  She develops a safe therapeutic relationship through which patients come to understand their unhealthy or unhappy circumstances.  This is a key to making changes and improving their lives.  She fosters growth, insight and relief. read more…