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November/December 2004
By Alan M. Solomon, Ph.D.

To examine the discussion between Dr. Miller and Dr. Peters further, here are a couple of books to consider:

“Think Like a Shrink: Solve Your Problems Yourself with Short-term Therapy Techniques”, by Pat Fogarty and Chris Zois.

Contained within this self-help book are many of the techniques and principles employed in short-term therapy: checklists, quizzes, sample dialogue from therapy sessions. A time limited and dedicated effort can help someone discover buried feelings, ways that we all avoid painful feelings and difficulties, make better use of these feelings, and develop solutions to our difficulties.

“Creating a Life of Meaning and Compassion: The Wisdom of Psychotherapy”, by Robert Firestone, Lisa A. Firestone, and Joyce Cartlett.

This book describes how a group of people worked to overcome a wide variety of ways we all tend to avoid our difficulties. Through this deeper understanding of themselves, they developed a more self-affirming lifestyle by employing their insights in various areas of their lives. Through a longer-term therapy process they made progress in personal development, deepening their friendships, developing and maintaining intimacy with partners, achieving greater professional success, and becoming more successful parents. Though written for psychologists, it is of interest to a wider audience as well.

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