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December 2003
By Sandy Plone, Ph.D.

In Clutter Control, Jeff Campbell has pointed out some of the psychological landmarks indicating clutter may be interfering with a happy and productive life:

  • It is creating feelings of depression, anxiety or desperation.
  • The need for more or newer stuff seems insatiable.
  • You feel like you are not the master of your own life anymore: It feels like you are being controlled by your possessions.
  • The disorder of your living space prevents you from feeling comfortable or creative or happy when you are there.
  • You deride yourself for not being more organized.
  • Youíre in chronic conflict with other household members over this issue.
  • Youíre ashamed to have friends or relatives over to the house because itís such a mess and youíre feeling more and more isolated or eccentric as a result.
There is a 12 Step organization for those people who feel their difficulties with clutter are unmanageable, Clutterers Anonymous. You can visit their website at

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