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November 2010


By Malcolm Miller, Ph.D.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you determine the extent you are plagued by unjust or excessive guilt and deserve to seek some assistance.

For each concern below, mark 1, 2, or 3 of the extent it is true of you.

1.    When something goes wrong, my first thoughts are that I am to blame.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

2.    When someone criticizes me, I am sure that they are right and I messed up.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

3.    I remember more of what I did wrong in the past than what I have accomplished.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

4.    If I cannot help someone I am close to feel better, I have failed.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

5.    People I feel close too often reinforce my self blame or being at fault.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

6.    I believe I do not deserve to be happy or enjoy myself.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

7.    I believe putting myself first is bad.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

8.    Others’ evaluation of me is more important than my evaluation of myself.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

9.    I feel guilty if I am proud of my accomplishments.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

10.  Even after I do a good job of rectifying something I did wrong, I still feel guilty.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

11.  I often apologize or say “I’m sorry” even when I have done nothing wrong.
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot

12.  “I should” comes to my mind much more than “I want.”
        1-sometimes    2-a medium amount    3-a lot


Please add up your ratings.

If you scored 12-15, you have the usual guilts we all carry but are doing pretty well; the need to see a therapist for this is optional.

If you scored 16-20, it would be a very good idea to read some self help books on guilt and/or possibly see a therapist or religious counselor.

If you scored 21 or above, you carry a lot of guilt inside of you. It is recommended you see a therapist or a religious counselor, in addition to reading self help books—learn to be fair to yourself; seek some help!


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