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November 2002
By Carol Boulware, Ph.D.

How do you know if your sexual use of the Internet is a problem?

Any of the following 8 behaviors may be considered a “red flag” that signals a potential problem with, or addiction to, sex on-line.

  1. Spending more time, more frequently, with sexual activity on the Internet.
  2. Irritable or anxious feelings when not on-line engaging in sex.
  3. Covering up and lying about your cybersex activities to family and/or friends.
  4. Unsuccessful repeated attempts to stop or curtail Internet sexual behavior.
  5. Putting one’s job or relationship at risk due to preoccupation with cybersex.
  6. Seeking progressively more risky or more intense sexual experiences on-line.
  7. Virtually unable to think or care about anything else but being on-line for sex.
  8. Escaping from problems or feelings like depressed, guilty, anxious by using sex on the internet.
A variety of treatments with good track records are available to help re-gain control of addictive behaviors.

For more information, see the Article of the Month, Sex on Line: Who’s Addicted? Understanding Obsession with Porn Sites and Chat Room Sex.

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