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October 2008


by Sandy Plone, Ph.D.


From L.A. Times Business Section
October 8, 2008
By Scott J. Wilson

Since adults seem to make plenty of mistakes with their money, offers a
financial literacy website to keep teenagers from doing the same .The aim is to help teens learn how to earn, save, budget and invest money. This youth-friendly website is filled with colorful graphics, polls, and playful quizzes such as “When will you be a millionaire?”

Articles address such topics as the pros and cons of credit cards, what to expect in a starting salary and the risks and rewards of various investments. There is also a section for parents offering tips about giving allowances and using everyday experiences to help kids understand money, as well as outlining some lessons for teachers to use creating a sample budget or teaching about the stock market. This seems like a timely resource to bookmark.


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