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July 1999

0 - 6 months Loss of support, loud noises
7 - 12 months Strangers, heights; sudden, unexpected and looming objects
1 year Separation from parents; toilet, injury, strangers
2 years A multitude of sources, including loud noises (vacuum cleaners, sirens/alarms, trucks, and thunder) animals (e.g., large dogs), darks rooms, separation from parents, large objects or machines, change in person environment, strange peers
3 years Masks, dark, animals, separation from parents
4 years Separation from parents, animals, dark, noises (including at night)
5 years Animals, "bad" people, dark, separation from parent bodily harm
6 years Supernatural beings(e.g., ghosts, witches, "Darth Vader"), bodily injuries, thunder and lightning, dark, sleeping or staying alone, separation from parent
7-8 years Supernatural beings, dark, media events (e.g., news reports on the threat of nuclear war or child kidnapping), staying alone, bodily injury
9-12 years Tests and examinations in school, school performance, bodily injury, physical appearance, thunder and lightning, death, dark
Teens Social performance, sexuality

From Treating Children's Fears and Phobia: A Behavioral Approach, by R. Morris and T. Kratochwill - Pergamon Press 1983

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