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October 2001
By Mariann Hybels-Steer, Ph.D.
Book Review by Sandy Plone, Ph.D.

Published in 1995, this small volume may be invaluable to those suffering from the trauma of recent events, now, in September of 2001. This book is for those "who have faced any sudden and potentially life-threatening event"--and that may include all of us who have witnessed such an event--which is likely to include most Americans at this point. The American Red Cross has deemed the book "must" reading for anyone who has experienced a trauma and is overwhelmed by the process of recovery.

Dr. Hybels-Steer has presented an easily readable format---since traumatic events can create a shock to the system, causing feelings of helplessness, fear, and confusion, all of which may interfere with concentration. She has explained, in a manner that normalizes these reactions, the effect on both body and mind after being traumatized. She has made explicit what helps and what does not. She has outlined helpful steps towards reorganization of one's life, including suggestions for helping those close to us who have been traumatized.

In addition, this book includes helpful information on the special needs of children who have been traumatized, information about the recovery process, and comments regarding the loss of life and its consequences to those who have been affected. Additional resources are listed, including reading material and self-help clearinghouse numbers throughout the United States and Canada.

The book may only be ordered directly from the author, by sending $12.50 (to cover shipping and handling) to Dr.Mariann Hybels- Miller, Ph.D.; 11600 Washington Place, Ste.211; Culver City, California 90066.

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